Buy High Fidelity Earplugs [28dB]


About redBird Earplugs

We know you love music just as much as us, and everyone agrees that the best way to experience your favourite music is live. No matter if it’s a huge festival spanning multiple days and stages, or if it’s an intimate nightclub rave until the early hours. Music concerts of all shapes and sizes make lifelong memories.

One memory that nobody wants to hang onto is the ringing ears or headaches that can stick around for hours or even days after spending time around pumping festival sound-systems. It can even cause long-term hearing damage which is often irreversible and can appear without any warning.

Our redBird Earplugs are designed to protect from damaging volume levels whilst maintaining the quality and clarity of music for all live music experiences.

redBird Earplugs features:
• Noise reduction of 28dB suitable for major concerts and festivals.
• High-fidelity filter only reduces volume, no impact on audio quality.
• Comfortable design suitable for regular wear and discrete whilst in use.
• Includes aluminium carry case with convenient keyring attachment.

redBird Earplugs are produced by a team of music industry professionals with an aim to reduce the amount of music-lovers suffering from hearing damage and tinnitus. After years working with artists, festivals and events we have heard too many horror-stories of permanent hearing damage, a diagnosis no music-lover wants to receive.


Why do I need redBird Earplugs?

Nightclubs and music festivals generally have average sound levels of around 110dB. At this level, the maximum exposure time is less than 2 minutes. Regularly exceeding the recommended maximum exposure can cause long-term damage to your hearing including the development of irreversible hearing-loss, often without warning.

By wearing redBird Earplugs with 28dB attenuation filter in these environments the volume levels are reduced to a safe level for several hours at a time, whilst still maintaining the quality and clarity of music.  

How long do redBird Earplugs last?

Our earplugs are reusable and with proper maintenance and hygiene can last upwards of 6 months. If the earplugs become damaged, replace immediately.

Are redBird Earplugs available in-store?

Currently our products are exclusively available from our online store.

If you are a retailer, venue or festival and would like to stock redBird products please contact for further information and pricing.